Is Golf Good for Older Beginner Golfers?
February 26, 2015 by Bobby Lewis

Even if you’ve never picked up a golf club, starting now might be easier than you think
Your friends play golf, colleagues from the office have invited you out, and even your spouse has picked up the game.
But you’ve never taken much interest in golf. But now, you’re finally at a point where you’ve got more time on your hands and you’re starting to take a look at the game with a more serious eye. You notice that there seems to be a lot of interest in the game among people closer to your age than ever before.
Still, you’re older and you’ve never played before, so you’re wondering if it’s too late to take up the game of golf.
Nope. Unless you can’t move, it’s never too late. In fact, golf facilities and equipment manufacturers are catering to new golfers like never before. It’s actually a great time for someone considering taking up the game.
Golf is no longer considered just a hobby for retirement — it has become a more active and engaging sport.
People are drawn to golf for a variety of reasons — mainly because of family and friends — and most want to be good at it. So if you’re considering starting golf, let’s talk about what you need to consider to enjoy the game.
The questions that come up most often for those considering starting golf is — “…are there special considerations for lessons, equipment or courses to keep in mind?”
Sure, and I’ll go over each of these for you…

Should I take golf lessons from a professional instructor?

I definitely recommend it. Finding a qualified instructor and taking lessons is guaranteeing yourself some success.

Do I need an instructor who specializes in older golfers?
Not necessarily. What you need is an instructor who can show you how to get a natural, powerful swing — one that’s on plane according to your body’s own mechanics —that’s easy on your body and that can dependably deliver consistent shots.

What golf equipment will I need?
You’re going to need a set of clubs that fit you — meaning fit to your size, swing speed and strength. You don’t need to pay a bunch for them, though. Regardless of the set you choose, I highly recommend getting a custom fitting from an expert who can guide you into the right set for you.
So I’ve had some lessons and I’ve got my clubs. Is it time to hit the links?

Some new players have this misconception that you’ve got to be able to play 18 holes before you ever walk out on a course, but that’s just not true. What I say is to relax, think about what you’ve learned from your instruction, and enjoy the game. Playing a round will get you into the flow of the golf course and a sense of what you’re doing.

What should I look for when choosing a course to play?
You’ll feel less pressure if you call up the course and say, “We’re a group of new golfers and we don’t have a lot of experience, but we want to come and play your course. When would be a good time of day when the course isn’t so busy and we wouldn’t feel rushed?”
As an older beginner golfer, is there any areas of the game I might see an advantage?

Definitely. Older golfers tend to be more level-headed, so you often learn to be a much better manager of the game out on the course.

Beginners often feel shy or embarrassed about using the senior or ladies tees. Should they?
Not at all. In fact, I think beginner players need to start using these tees more.
Are there mental or physical health benefits of golf for older players?

Absolutely. Walking 9 holes or 18 holes gives you a great cardiovascular workout.
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