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There are three different types of clubs you can join to become an HSGA member. Choose the option that works best for you depending on where you live, with whom you play golf and your social desires.

One can join a club: 1) at a golf course; 2) through an affiliate group/club; or 3) through an eClub. In any of the three scenarios, an individual receive the benefits that the club offers as well as all HSGA member benefits. Club fees vary and are determined by each member club.

Affiliate clubs can often be found through places of employment or social groups. An affiliate club is not likely tied to a particular golf course facility.

Search for HSGA clubs open for membership here.

For individuals who do not find a club of their liking at a golf course or an affiliate club, the HSGA eClub option exists for $30/calendar-year for annual membership, $15 for late membership from October 1 until the end of the calendar-year only, or $15/calendar-year for juniors under the age of 18. Join the HSGA eClub now.

All HSGA Member Clubs are licensed by the Hawaii State Golf Association to provide USGA Handicap Indexes™ to their members.  A club is defined by the USGA Handicap System as any group of 10 or more golfers that operate under a set of bylaws that establish a handicapping policy, elect officers, form committees and play together on a regular basis.  The most important aspect of ensuring a credible and valid USGA Handicap Index is that your scores be subject to peer review by others that can attest to your play.


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