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HSGA Membership Benefits:
- GHIN handicap index provided, updated, and maintained throughout the year
- Eligibility to participate in HSGA tournaments like the Hawaii State Amateur Stroke Play Championship, Big Island Amateur, Maui Amateur, Kauai Amateur, HSGA Four-Ball, Francis Brown Four-Ball, and the Manoa Cup.
- Availability of the USGA Tournament Management that allows your club to format and manage all types of club tournaments.
Your HSGA membership also helps:
- Conduct 16 golf tournaments each year and assists with many, many other tournaments
- Assist our 263 member clubs with all USGA Handicapping issues and tournament operations
- Conduct Rules of Golf, Handicapping and Tournament seminars. We will be having at least one Rules of Golf seminar yearly on each island.
- Provide rules officials for golf tournaments of all ages & genders including juniors, seniors &women
- Meet with other golf industry organizations in the best interest of our golfers
- Share a myriad of golf related issues with other organizations
- Special organized golf trips with Sullivan Travel

There are three different types of clubs you can join to become an HSGA member.
Choose the option that works best for you depending on where you live, with whom you play golf and your social desires.

One can join a golf club at one of the three:
Type 1. at a golf course with a valid USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating where a majority of the club's events are played and where the club's events are played and where the club's coring reside; or
Type 2. through an affiliate, or known to one another, via a business, fraternal, ethic, or social organization. The majority of the club members had an affiliation prior to organizing the club; or
Type 3. through a club where members had no prior affiliation and a majority of recruiting and sign up is done by solicitation to the public(e.g., newspaper, Internet).

In any of the three scenarios, an individual receive the benefits that the club offers as well as all HSGA member benefits. Club fees vary and are determined by each member club.

Affiliate clubs can often be found through places of employment or social groups. An affiliate club is not likely tied to a particular golf course facility.

Search for HSGA clubs open for membership here.

For individuals who do not find a club of their liking at a golf course or an affiliate club, the HSGA eClub option exists for $40/calendar-year for annual membership, $20 for late membership from October 1 until the end of the calendar-year only, or $20/calendar-year for juniors under the age of 18. Join the HSGA eClub now.

The GHIN Mobile App allows members to view their GHIN handicap label on their mobile device as shown below. To download the free app, click the link on the right.

Start your own club

All HSGA Member Clubs are licensed by the Hawaii State Golf Association to provide USGA Handicap Indexes™ to their members.  A golf club is defined by the USGA Handicap System as any group of 10 or more golfers that operate under a set of bylaws that establish a handicapping policy, elect officers, form committees and play together on a regular basis.  The most important aspect of ensuring a credible and valid USGA Handicap Index is that your scores be subject to peer review by others that can attest to your play.

Club Membership with the HSGA is an easy process.  Below are the application and necessary forms to gain membership for your golf club.

  New C
lub Membership    Score History           Sample          Club Membership
           Application                  Form                 By Laws            Update Form

Here are the steps in becoming a Golf Club with HSGA:

  • Complete a New Club Membership Application and send it to our office with the following information:
  • Include a club roster form of your members (a minimum of 10 is required)  
  • Score History for each of your members (this may be obtained from your current handicap provider).  Please submit a minimum of 5 scores for each new member to establish an official handicap. Score History Form
  • Club policies or Bylaws for your club (Sample ByLaws)
  • 2020 Calendar year Membership fee: $25.00 per Adult, $10.00 per Junior golfer 

After we have received all of this information, we go to work with the USGA creating a profile for each of your members.  After this process, we will send you a Handicap Chairman information kit which includes the USGA Handicap System manual, Equitable Stroke Control poster and Handigrams, and both Committee Questions & Answers & Responsibilities at a Glance brochures & Handicapping the not handicapped.  The club also receives plastic Handicap Cards and handicap stickers as needed.  Within a short period, you are up and ready to go. 

The handicap revision update is currently the day after posting a round.  You will need to post scores by midnight local time for the scores to be factored into the new revision.  After each revision, you will receive an email with your current handicap index for that period.   You can also view your handicap index (or any of your fellow HSGA/GHIN members) and score information online.  Click here to look up handicaps and scores

If you have any questions, or need assistance in completing the Membership Application, please contact the HSGA office at (808) 589-2909(808) 589-2909 or

Hawaii State Golf Association